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Statement by Vangelis Marinakis

“The Prime Minister, in his interview, accepted the existence of network of a surveillance in Greece using the malicious spyware Predator, by certain circles. Of course, he denied his own involvement. How could he do otherwise?

However, his categorical denial is not enough. He must take specific actions and initiatives in order to protect the public welfare from this obvious, dangerous and deeply anti-democratic network violating fundamental rights.

The Prime Minister must find the courage to move “earth and heaven” in order to shed light on this dreadful case, and to bring before the independent judiciary the perpetrators of such as vile episode, one that contaminates democracy and undermines the institutions.

References to blackmail, dictates, changes of positions and views do not concern us; they do not reflect us. Only those involved in extra-judicial wiretapping and the underworld take recourse to such means.
We have served the same principles and values of liberal democracy from the very beginning, and we’ll insist on these; without inhibition and fear, and with the same passion.»

Vangelis Marinakis

Πηγη: in.gr


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